10 Commandments to Get Slim – How to Get Thin, Really!

Living in a world where vanity is virtually ubiquitous, it should not come as a surprise that many people labor for a slimmer figure. After all, vanity, along with beauty and sexiness, are not the only driving factors that compel people to strive harder in order to get really thin.

Being healthy is the fundamental stimulant why many people labor to get really slim. This holds specifically true among diabetes patients in which being thin puts them at an advantage. However, getting slim is not easy, that is why we listed the 10 commandments that will help you become slim.


This is the first of 10 commandments to stress its importance. Diet plans make up 75% of a successful slim plan. Use deductive calorie intake. For first few weeks, eat 400 fewer calories. When you lose 2 pounds, subtract 200 calories. When you lose 3 or more pounds, maintain your calorie intake.


Divide your daily calorie intake into three meals.


As the third of 10 commandments, eating your carbohydrates only after your workout will make not store fats in your body because the carbohydrate intake shall be used up for energy. You have more chances to get slim.


Eat lean meat, Fish oil and flax oil supplements are good fats supplements. This fourth of 10 commandments protect your muscles from weakening.


Hackneyed is this 5th of 10 commandments, we know. However, should not this indicate the intensity of its significance to help you get thin?


It always stimulates the body to burn more calories and fats, a useful tool to get you thin.


Workout is different. Anything that makes you sweat more is useful to get you slim, this being the 7th of 10 commandments is for real.


Make your get-slim plan a habit.


This 9th of 10 commandments gives you an inspiration when you see results of your efforts.


Take only safe get-thin supplements.