Kaspersky Labs – The Best Anti-Virus Protection

As the Internet evolves, so do viruses and other computer security threats. Once little more than basic code, viruses are now sophisticated programs capable of stealth and polymorphing technology. To protect your system and data, Kaspersky Labs offers the best anti-virus protection for both home and business users.

All Internet users are at risk of virus infection, and will be threatened by some form of malware many times each year. By clicking on a link on an unknown website, playing a video sent by a friend via email, or downloading a game, a user can invite a virus into their computer system. For a business, a virus infection can mean loss of customer confidence from security breaches or loss of productivity due to downtime.

Some viruses are little more than a nuisance, but others are complex codes designed to destroy the contents of your hard drive after transmitting your important information and financial data to the virus’s programmer. To protect yourself, your customers, and your company from identity theft and devastating financial loss, you must protect your system with the best anti-virus protection available.

The best anti-virus protection software will not only recognize a virus after it has revealed itself, but will proactively search out viruses on your computer and destroy them. The sophisticated anti-virus solution provided by Kaspersky is able to see through multiple layers of encrypted virus code and remove the virus before it damages your computer.

Kaspersky Lab’s anti-virus and Internet security software is award winning, continually ranking above its competitors in reviews and independent tests of anti-virus software. It has a considerably higher detection rate for viruses than competitors, at 98.86%. Most other anti-virus solutions only provide up to 88.85% protection. Kaspersky provides users with an unmatched 664 updates each month to ensure the greatest level of anti-virus protection possible.

Kaspersky offers products that include benefits that the competition cannot match, resulting in the best anti-virus protection available. Features such as real-time scanning of Internet traffic, automatic hourly updates, system monitoring for unusual behavior, and disinfection after attacks set Kaspersky Labs apart from other leading anti-virus software providers. Additionally, Kaspersky products are customizable, and enable users to alter the appearance of the interface and vary the scans based on user activity.

An industry-leading Internet threat response time, coupled with an impressive variety of features, makes Kaspersky’s product the best anti-virus protection available on the market.