How To Protect Your Package Delivery From Theft

Theft of packages is an easy crime to commit and can be perpetrated by even the least professional types of criminals. It is a Federal Crime and can be prosecuted by Federal Courts. However, unless the criminal is caught in the act, prosecution is impossible. Eyewitnesses and security cameras are the best avenues for prosecutors to employ.

You can protect your package delivery by doing these 7 easy interventions.

First, you can request specific drop off times when you know that you will be at home to receive the package.

Second, you can ask for your parcel to be placed on a back porch or even beside the front porch or anywhere that is not visible from the street.

Third, you can arrange to pick up your parcels at a package store such as a United Parcel Service (UPS) store that is convenient for you. There are plenty of them all across the country.

Fourth, you can let a trustworthy neighbor know that you are expecting a package delivery on a specific day and ask them to look out for it and bring it into their home immediately. This neighbor must be pretty vigilant to do this for you. Remember, though, how loud the mail trucks and UPS and FedEx trucks usually are. Their noise helps people to be aware of package deliveries.

Fifth, know when a package is scheduled to arrive and if it doesn’t, contact the sender to track the transport status of the package.

Sixth, when you pick up your mail, if you discover that it is not sorted and grouped with the addresses facing the same way, then someone has no doubt gone through your mailbox and you must be cautious and watchful.

Finally, report suspicious persons or activities right away at the United States Postal Inspectors’ website. They keep a detailed data bank of mail fraud reports. And if you see mail theft happening in your neighborhood, be sure to call your Sheriff’s Office at once to report exactly what you have seen. Time can be a decisive factor in the apprehension of mail thieves and their subsequent conviction.

You must protect yourself from mail theft and package theft.Such crimes are difficult to prove once they have occurred. There are available today package mailboxes that accommodate most mailed packages as well as daily mail delivery.

employs a slam lock so that the mail carrier can secure your package once he has delivered it.