Identity Theft Protection

Identify theft is becoming a very big issue within the media and main stream America in general. The media is being flooded with reports of large companies losing confidential customer information. Is it even possible to feel safe in such an environment? Of course it is, and that is why companies are popping up to try to relieve the stress of identity theft. But the thing about most identify theft companies is that all they do is monitor your credit report and send you an email if something is changed.

This of course is very useful, but what do you do, when you receive such an email and you find out that your identify is being stolen or as already been stolen? The fact of the matter is that most of these services are simply fire alarms that come with hoses so you can attempt to save your burning home. Wouldn’t it be better if you were given a fire alarm that’s directly connected to the fire department that will put the fire out for you?

Fortunately there is such a service, offered by Prepaid Legal. This service is not a hose, it’s an entire fire department, that is the best protection against identify theft. If you do any of these activities you can be sure that you are at risk for identity theft:

– Hand credit cards to waiters at restaurants

– Provide personal information online

– Carry social security card in wallet

– Sign your credit cards

The list goes on an on, and the best defense is to erect a fence around yourself with an identify theft protection plan.

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