Safety Tips For Sellers To Consider Before The First Showing

As a Professional Home Stager one service I provide my clients with is a written detailed report called a home staging consultation. A consultation gives a client the “blue print” to do the necessary work to prepare their homes for sale. It is great for the do it yourself homeowner who is serious about the selling process and wants to get the buyer’s eye perspective of how their property shows before the first buyer ever walks through the door. Many recommendations are covered in the consultation which are specifically tailored to each individual property.

Included in the consultation is a list of safety tips for client awareness. On rare occasions potential problems may arise with common items clients may have in their homes that may not even be considered. We grow comfortable in our surroundings and forget about certain things that may pose potential problems once strangers enter our homes while showing. Many household items and collections can present certain safety hazards and security issues. This is not to instill fear but a reality check of what today’s market may bring. Home sellers should be made aware of these things while in the process of selling a home.

In recent years there have been reports of attacks on Realtors locally and nationally. Theft is tempting when smaller valuables, cash and jewelry are left out in full view. Identity theft is fast becoming a crime that has affected someone we each know, maybe even you personally. Bills, invoices, credit cards and other personal information that we keep in our home offices or on kitchen counters are easily overlooked in our rush to leave before a showing. Prescription medications are easily accessed in a medicine cabinet, the list goes on.

While the vast majority of buyers are in the market to actually purchase a home there are others whose purpose may be far more sinister. Many, many people will be walking through your property and certain precautions are in order regardless of where you live.

Again this list is not to make clients uncomfortable with the home selling process it is quite the opposite. By preparing your home and taking the necessary precautions you make the process more uneventful and stress free. There are so many things to consider while selling that these items can easily get overlooked.

We tend to think of our homes as a safe zone, which they should be, however, while selling and showing it becomes a different story and the safety and security of our homeowners and Realtors is a huge priority. By taking simple measures you can achieve a safe and successful result.

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