How to Select Identity Theft Protection That’s Right For You

What has caused the information breach we as Americans face today? That’s right, automation. With nearly all of our information from a simple bill pay website to a medical facility database, our information is exposed to a wide range of people.

I remember receiving a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs telling me that some of my information had been stolen from the back of an employee’s personal vehicle! Now what does the average middle class American like me do in the case that someone uses any of my information fraudulently? Well, there are a number of identity theft solutions.

However, which one is right for you? In today’s economy I would not want to spend on simply monitoring. I want to be able to fix the problem quickly and get back to my happy life again. Just like anything you buy in a store, identity theft protection should offer something more than a notification service.

Here is a checklist to assist in choosing an identity theft program that is right for you:

1) Affordability – Choose a program that suits your budget this will narrow down your list of programs so that you don not break the bank.

2) Protection – Choose a program that covers all five identity theft types: Financial, Medical, Social Security, Driver’s License, and Character/Criminal

3) Identity Restoration Services – Choose a program with this feature which can reduce the out-of-pocket expenses needed to perform this process when it does occur.

4) Finally, that all of the above will protect you and your family at no additional cost. Using this strategy you can definitely find a program that suits your needs and if you believe you have not been a victim, then at least get protected in the event you do become one.

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