What You Don’t Know About Paper Shredders Could Cost You a Lot of Money


They are available in strip cut and cross cut designs from small home units to the very large commercial models costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, capable of shredding millions of documents an hour. Paper shredders are fast, efficient, and can cut paper into small, unrecognizable pieces.

, strip cut and cross cut. The capacity of shredders can range from a single sheet to hundreds of sheets at once.

Shredding is a mechanical process which cuts the paper of the document into small strips or pieces and will destroy confidential consumer information. This is appropriate for disposing of confidential or secret documents that are no longer wanted and you need to prevent fraud and identity theft.

These levels of security are defined by DIN 32757, approved by the NSA (National Security Agency).

The best paper shredders aren’t perfect security, they are realistically intended to make you a hard target and encourage bad guys to seek easier victims. Light duty, low volume, and home office paper shredders are one of the most effective ways to battle identity fraud.

For home paper shredding business, small, trash can sized paper shredders are available in the market. Paper Shredders are your best line of defense in preventing unauthorized access to secure information.

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